"Solid will of winning"

Moreirense - SL Benfica, 0-1 | 2017-04-10 | 16:52

Rui Vitória spoke after the match.

“The basis of this victory stands on top of a solid will of winning and in the determination of our players. It was a tough match, against a team that made the thing difficult for us. It was an important victory. This final is done, there’s still 6 left.”

 “In the first half, Moreirense had a strong and close block and we knew they were really strong in their attacks. Therefore, we had to look for some spaces. In the second half we had some opportunities, but we weren’t able to score. We could have decided the match earlier but it was not possible. It was a very well disputed match.

 “Along with some difficulties within our team, we have been proving that we can still give a positive answer. There were 7 finals left, right now there’s only 6. It’s not possible to know which match will decide the championship so we always have to look to the next one.”