"There's still 6 finals left to play"

Moreirense - SL Benfica, 0-1 | 2017-04-10 | 13:18

  Salvio spoke after the match.

Tonight, Benfica beat Moreirense (0-1) at Moreira de Cónegos, in an intense and well played match until the very end.

Mitroglous’ goal ensured the 3 points for Benfica. A result that allows Benfica to keep in the lead.

“We knew it was going to be difficult, but we managed to win and get the three points which is the most important thing. We knew our opponent and it was tough during the entire 90 minutes."

“Playing at home, our opponents usually tend to play in close block, and it's not easy to break through, but we were able to create some good goal situations. Our job here is done and we have to start thinking in the next match.”

The next match is scheduled for the 14th of April (next Friday) at Estádio da Luz against Marítimo.