"We are all united in this journey"

SL Benfica - Belenenses, 4-0 | 2017-03-14 | 13:03

Rui Vitória spoke after the match against Belenenses.

"We have to highlight this fair victory, against a great team that came to our stadium to play and had a big performance. We started the match really well looking for the first goal and we did it. In the first half we ended up getting our opponents really exhausted which allowed us to score more goals during the second half. Eventually, we could have scored more goals but we it was a nice result". "Benfica's fans are amazing from the very beginning and today they've sent a clear message to everybody. We are all united in this journey. We are happy to be able to provide a match like this one, to all our fans".

In the next round, SL Benfica will face Paços de Ferreira. This match is scheduled for this Saturday at 8.30pm.