"Count on us until the end"

P. Ferreira – SL Benfica, 0-0 | 2017-03-19 | 16:07

Rui Vitória spoke after the match against Paços de Ferreira.

"We weren’t able to score, and that’s what was needed. We should have scored the chances we had.  In the first half we started really well, but in the moment of the truth we weren’t  as good as we used to be. We created chances till the very last moment of the match. In the first half we had a really good dinamic and we made their job really hard. Paços was able to react during the second half but we still had several chances to score. We changed our structure to put another man inside the area , but tonight was not our night.  It was clear that Paços was a really defensive team and was able to create a strong block, hard to penetrate.  We had the dinamic we needed to have, but we weren’t strong enought in what we are best, scoring goals. This championship will be disputed till the end. You can count on us until the end. This doesn’t change a bit our behaviour and posture in this championship. We always want to win."