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Robinho: "Only those who are here can tell the greatness of Benfica"


The Benfica winger was live on the Club's Instagram.

Robinho, the winger from the futsal team, spoke about the conditions that Benfica provides to athletes and the unforgettable titles he has won throughout his career, in an interview at the Club Instagram.

It's one thing to hear about it, it's another to know it

"Benfica is known worldwide, but it' s one thing to hear about it and another to know it. Anywhere in the world, we heard about Benfica and before I came here, a great friend of mine, David, who played here, told me that this was a great club and that I would have the necessary structure to always be in good shape. When I arrived at Benfica I was able to verify the conditions it offers... Only those who are here can tell the greatness of the Club."


Impossible to complain...

"When I arrived at Benfica I saw all this, I said, 'If I could, I'd play here for another ten years. I was a European champion without having a structure like this one. Today, at 37, I see that in terms of health I'm fit to play, I can't complain about anything in a club that gives me all the conditions to train".


Crying after the title

"I've been European champion twice, but there are two titles that are unforgettable for me… The first was to be the Russian champion, because it was Gazprom's dream, it was very difficult, but I managed to do it. And the other was to be national champion here at Benfica, which was my first goal. It was unforgettable. Normally I cry before the game, I never liked to cry after the game, but when I won the national title last season it was after the game that I cried, because nobody knows what our daily life is like, the pressure we suffer, everything we go through."

Text: Márcia Dores

Photos: SL Benfica

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