Editorial statute

SL Benfica’s weekly newspaper

The editorial statute of “O Benfica” newspaper is governed by several guidelines, available on the Club’s official website.

“O Benfica” is the official Sport Lisboa e Benfica’s weekly newspaper, practically written, on a weekly basis, since November 28th, 1942 and currently published on digital platforms.

The “O Benfica newspaper” keeps the same founding model, in accordance with the guidelines defined by the newspaper’s management, in coordination with the other supports which constitute the audio-visual communication environment of Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

The management and the journalists of “O Benfica” newspaper recognize themselves and regulate their behaviour in accordance with the principles of Constituição da República Portuguesa and try to act with respect for the human being and for the ethical values of Sport, upon the freedom of speech and always according to Lei da Imprensa (Press Law) and Estatuto do Jornalista (Journalist Statute).

“O Benfica” newspaper is dedicated, fundamentally, to sporting contents publishing, mainly about the club’s internal life, and to the entities which integrate the Benfica’s business group, discussing all the themes related to the membership universe, supporters and sympathizers of Sport Lisboa e Benfica.

“O Benfica” newspaper is regulated by the accuracy of the transmitted and published performances, brands, reports, images and graphics related to all the sports, which put hundreds of teams together, with thousands of athletes within several categories.

The journalists of “O Benfica” have, as a fundamental principle, the depth of detail with which, constantly, research and identify the information contents which are published with strict journalistic accuracy.

“O Benfica” newspaper, as a reference to the freedom of speech, does not deny the critical opinion with which other Partners, who honour its pages, defend the principles of truth in sports and analyse the social and sporting contexts in the national and international scenes.

Sport Lisboa e Benfica’s stadium, November 7th, 2016.
The management of “O Benfica” Newspaper

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