How to get to the stadium?

There are many ways to visit Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica. Discover the behaviour rules at our Sports Complex.


Logotipo Carris

Estrada da Luz
3 Charneca/Bairro de Santa Cruz
726 Sapadores/Pontinha
767 C. Mártires da Pátria/Est. Damaia
768 Cid. Universitária/Qta. Olival

Av. Eusébio da Silva Ferreira (2.ª circular)
750 Est. Oriente/Algés

Estação do Colégio Militar
3 Charneca/Bairro de Santa Cruz
64 Av. Colégio Militar/Damaia
729 B. Padre cruz/Algés
765 Colégio Militar/R. João Ortigão Ramos
767 C. Mártires da Pátria/Est. Damaia
799 Colégio Militar/Alfragide Norte

Logotipo RL

Estação do Colégio Militar
210 Lisboa (Colégio Militar) - Caneças (Jardim)

Logotipo Lisboa Transportes

Estação do Colégio Militar
101 Massamá (Casal do Olival) - Lisboa (Colégio Militar)
128 Casal Da Mira (Dolce Vita) - Lisboa (Colégio Militar)
142 Casal Da Mira (Dolce Vita) - Lisboa (Colégio Militar)
163 Massamá (Casal do Olival) - Lisboa (Colégio Militar)



Logotipo CP

Nearby Stations:
Benfica, Sete-Rios


Logotipo Metropolitano de Lisboa

Nearby Stations:
Colégio-Militar/Luz, Alto-dos-Moinhos

Rules of the Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica:

Respect the behaviour rules at the stadium:

1- The ones interested in the stadium access shall be subject to security forces or sports assistants examination, in order to avoid the entrance of forbidden objects.
2- Political manifestations, offensive chants which incite violence, racism and xenophobia, pitch invasion and throwing objects to the ground and pitch are not allowed.
3- Fireworks, weapons and pyrotechnic devices are not allowed. Bringing and drinking alcohol and using narcotic drugs too.
4- The sectors stairways must be totally free, as well as the access gates.
5- All spectators should possess a ticket, be over three years old, and respect the ticket corresponding place.
6- All spectators should respect the Sports Assistants instructions, Security Forces, the Firemen and the club’s staff at the stadium service.
7-The SL Benfica reserves the right to put out the stadium any spectator who disobeys the mentioned above rules or other included in the Stadium Regulation and in the Competitions Regulation of Liga Portuguesa de Futebol Profissional (article 54, paragraph 2) and deliberation of the “Conselho Nacional contra a Violência no Desporto”.

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