26 March 2018, 14h55

The first edition of the Germano Figueiredo Trophy, organized by Atlético Clube de Portugal, was won by Sport Lisboa e Benfica. Invited to the event held on Sunday afternoon at Tapadinha, the Club was represented on the pitch by the team Benfica Legends.

In the tournament that aims to pay tribute to Germano Figueiredo (born and raise in the Alcântara neighborhood, the former player represented Atlético and then played for Benfica in the 1960s, becoming Two-time European Champion), the Benfica Legends, coached by Rui Águas, fielded the following starting XI: Paulo Santos, Veloso, Ricardo Rocha, Paulo Madeira, Armando Sá, Calado, Rui Costa, Bruno Aguiar, Vítor Paneira, Nuno Assis and  Simão Sabrosa. The substitutes were: Bruno Basto, Edmundo, Nuno Santos, Ramires, Valido, Sousa, Nandinho, and Hernâni.

In an afternoon of tribute, conviviality, and celebration, the eagles beat Atlético by 4-6, with two goals from Armando Sá, three from Nuno Assis and one from Nandinho with the help of Atlético player.

Rui Águas, who attended the event as the coach of the Benfica Legends, stated that it was a huge pleasure to be part of this celebration. “When there are more than eleven players to choose from it is always difficult but it is fun. It was a good occasion, a moment of celebration of a great figure from Benfica and Atlético”, said the former goal scorer of the eagles.

Trofeu Germano Figueiredo

The Benfica team went to the break winning by 1-5, and the captain António Veloso (in the photo on the top) remembered that the “old guard” are still good shape. “It demonstrates the capacity of our team, we are ready for whatever may be in store”, he said.

Trofeu Germano Figueiredo

Rui Costa (in the photo on the top) thanked Atlético for the invitation and highlighted that these encounters are unique moments. I went well. It was a beautiful celebration, of tribute to one of the great figures of the Portuguese football. We are thankful to Atlético to be part of this celebration. It was an extraordinary get-together of both clubs. Then there is the old story: the guys don’t play anymore, we get together to play. It is entertainment, which at this moment is unique for us”, highlighted the former ace and current administrator of the Benfica SAD.

Primeiro Troféu Germano Figueiredo

Simão Sabrosa also shared his opinion. “It has been a long time since we played. These matches are always important for us to have fun, to enjoy and see friends. This match was equally important to help Atlético”, he stressed.

For Bruno Aguiar, the day was special not only for the tribute but also because e fulfilled "a dream". “It is always gratifying, moreover I had the opportunity to fulfill my dream, which was to play with Rui Costa, so it was a special day for me and I am pleased”, told the former midfielder.

Text: Márcia Dores and João André Silva

Pics: Tânia Paulo / SL Benfica

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