18 October 2017, 23h01

At the end of the match against Manchester United from Matchday 3 of the Champions League, Rui Vitória spoke to the press refusing to  throw in the towel . There are three games "to play and to win".

“Regardless of what we may think, we have three games to play and to win. We will not give up. We tried to used our weapons analyzing what Manchester United was”, assured despite the 0-1.

Rui Vitória e José Mourinho

In the analysis to the match itself, the coach remembered that was a detail that dictated the final result.

“It was a very exciting and well-played match from both teams, very rich from the tactical point of view. A detail made the difference. We lost but we won other teams that pleased me”, he recognized.

Rui Vitória believes in the daily work performed at Caixa Futebol Campus and indicates the way to success.

“The convictions I have are to ones from someone who believes in the work performed and in the players. It's based in something tangible that in believe in this. The results haven't been, until now, the ones we wanted, but the result against CSKA was unfair. It should have been a draw. We work very hard. These players will have success and this team also.”, he said.

Text: Marco Rebelo


Last update: Thursday, October 19, 2017


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