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Women’s Futsal: the Portuguese Cup opponent already known

Women's futsal

Benfica will face CD Juventude São Pedro on January 6. 

Benfica will visit Clube Desportivo Juventude São Pedro in the Women’s Futsal Portuguese Cup Last 16. The draw took place this Tuesday at Cidade do Futebol.

The matches will be held on January 6 (Sunday), day which Benfica travel to Barcelos.

In the last round, Benfica defeated Vidais, by 3-6.

Futsal Feminino

Full draw

  • FC Águias Santa Marta (Campeonato Nacional)-Santa Luzia FC (CN)

  • União Atlético Povoense (CN)-CF Os Belenenses (CN)

  • Novasemente GD Cavalinho (CN)-GCR Nun'Álvares (CN)

  • CD Juventude São Pedro (Campeonato Distrital)-SL BENFICA (CN)

  • ACDR Arneiros (CD)-CDRC Tebosa (CD)

  • Clube Futebol Os Paulenses (CD)-CD Ourentã (CN)

  • Associação Académica Coimbra/SF (CD)-Póvoa Futsal Clube (CD)

  • CRC Quinta dos Lombos (CN)-FC Vermoim (CN)


Pics: FPF and SL Benfica

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