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Fernando Heleno, the chef who feeds the Champion


The head of Benfica football team's kitchen revealed the precautions to be taken and how the pre-season menu is being prepared.

Fernando Heleno, Sport Lisboa e Benfica's kitchen chef, spoke with the Official Site and with BTV.

The chef revealed that there will be no major changes, but that some adaptations are needed.

We have some care, so I came a little early to prepare the hotel, but I hope everything goes well”, he started by saying.

In order to minimize any possible setbacks, the benfiquista structure worked in advance and guaranteed some products through a Portuguese company.

“In the United States of America, last year, we had some difficulties. This year we have a Portuguese company that will supply us with some products”, he admitted.

Fernando Heleno

Fernando Heleno also stressed that the rules will not change from Portugal to the United States.

“We will keep the food we had last year, the same rules, diversifying a little and adapting it to the place where we are. In this training camp we try to do one thing: at least once a week we'll try to promote a get-together between players, there will be a barbecue…”, he shared.

Text: Marco Rebelo

Photos: João Paulo Trindade / SL Benfica

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