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28 April 2020, 16h47

Lucas Ordoñez no direto no Instagram oficial do Benfica


Lucas Ordoñez, the Benfica roller hockey player, was fascinated by the support he received when he arrived, during an interview with BTV, shared in the official Instagram account of the Club. 

What surprised you most about Benfica?

Benfica is a great club, but what impressed me most were the fans. They follow the team everywhere and feeling that support in different places is incredible. We go to Germany and there are Benfica fans, we go to Italy and there are Benfica fans... That's impressive, I've never seen that in any club before.

Lucas Ordoñez

What was the game that most struck you with the Benfica jersey?

The game from last season [November 3, 2018] against FC Porto, in Pavilhão Fidelidade, because of the way it unfolded. Winning in the last second [4-3] and seeing that explosion of joy was contagious. It was the first "clássico" I've played for Benfica at home. I enjoyed that moment a lot.

Benfica HC Braga Hóquei em Patins

You've won the World Cup and played for big clubs. What's your biggest dream?

A person never gets tired of winning. Now I dedicate myself to this great club and what I want is to give joy to the fans. This year we are going in the right direction, and I say we are because nothing is over yet. The goal is to win titles and give many joys to the benfiquistas. If we can't finish this season, we have to train and work hard to do it in the future.

Text: Diogo Nascimento

Photos: Archive / SL Benfica

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