U13 A 2017/2018

Name Date of birth Position Country
Cristian Puha 14/05/2005 Goalkeeper PORTUGAL
Daniel Mendes 21/02/2005 Goalkeeper PORTUGAL
Francisco Pereira 09/03/2005 Goalkeeper PORTUGAL
Hugo Sousa 12/01/2005 Goalkeeper PORTUGAL
Afonso Farinha 10/07/2005 Defender PORTUGAL
Djeferson Costa 18/01/2005 Defender GUINÉ-BISSAU
Gabriel Tavares 23/07/2005 Defender PORTUGAL
Henrique Sá 18/09/2005 Defender PORTUGAL
João Conceição 23/04/2005 Defender PORTUGAL
João Machado 11/02/2005 Defender PORTUGAL
João Paulo 08/08/2005 Defender PORTUGAL
José Sampaio 04/01/2005 Defender PORTUGAL
Júlio Gil 27/06/2005 Defender PORTUGAL
Júlio Hellens 05/03/2005 Defender PORTUGAL
Leandro Santos 28/09/2005 Defender PORTUGAL
Leonardo Barroso 12/07/2005 Defender PORTUGAL
Pedro Correia 25/02/2005 Defender PORTUGAL
Pedro Morais 19/05/2005 Defender PORTUGAL
Rafael Nel 03/04/2005 Defender PORTUGAL
Ravidson Biaguê 18/02/2005 Defender PORTUGAL
Diogo Silva 11/11/2005 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Francisco Pedro 25/09/2005 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Gabriel Pinho 11/07/2005 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Ivan Lima 13/01/2005 Midfielder PORTUGAL
João Bernardo 04/02/2005 Midfielder PORTUGAL
João Veloso 26/06/2005 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Leandro Tavares 09/07/2005 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Pedro Martins 18/07/2005 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Pedro Pato 23/06/2005 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Rafael Luis 18/02/2005 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Ricardo Canário 02/02/2005 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Tiago Queiroz 01/11/2005 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Afonso Machado 01/09/2005 Forward PORTUGAL
Amadu Camará 14/03/2006 Forward GUINÉ-BISSAU
Carlos Amaral 09/08/2005 Forward PORTUGAL
Daniel Fracassa 04/01/2005 Forward PORTUGAL
Diamantino Ribeiro 04/02/2005 Forward PORTUGAL
Fábio Jaló 18/11/2005 Forward PORTUGAL
Jaime Godinho 13/05/2005 Forward PORTUGAL
João Costa 12/03/2005 Forward PORTUGAL
João Nogueira 27/02/2005 Forward PORTUGAL
Kaden Lamounier 05/10/2005 Forward BRASIL
Miguel Constantinescu 01/05/2005 Forward PORTUGAL
Rúben Semedo 02/06/2005 Forward PORTUGAL

Coaching Staff


Bruno Freitas, Jonny Pires


Assistant Coach
André Ferreira, Pedro Zorro, Tomás Tengarrinha


Goalkeeper Coach
Gonçalo Reduto, Dinis Cruz


Vítor Padinha, Tiago Gonçalves


Mauro Rodrigues, Bernardo Moreno


Monitoring and Analysis
Miguel Martins


Medical Staff
Pedro Magro, Pedro Diniz, Diana Ferreira


Kit Man
Nuno Araújo


Team Managers
Rui Braga, Mario Pires


Team Director
João Santos


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