U15 A 2017/2018

Name Date of birth Position Country
André Gomes 20/10/2004 Goalkeeper PORTUGAL
André Mendes 15/05/2003 Goalkeeper PORTUGAL
Ricardo Ribeiro 23/05/2003 Goalkeeper PORTUGAL
Tiago Santo 28/04/2003 Goalkeeper PORTUGAL
António Silva 30/10/2003 Defender PORTUGAL
Guilherme Montoia 14/09/2003 Defender PORTUGAL
João Barros 09/01/2003 Defender PORTUGAL
José Müller 22/02/2003 Defender PORTUGAL
Miguel Mota 26/08/2003 Defender PORTUGAL
Vicente Durand 24/12/2003 Defender PORTUGAL
Diogo Antunes 02/07/2003 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Gustavo Mendonça 11/03/2003 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Henrique Abrantes 14/01/2003 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Martim Neto 14/01/2003 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Miguel Teixeira 29/07/2003 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Pedro Santos 10/02/2003 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Rafael Afonso 25/06/2003 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Rodrigo Ramos 01/01/2003 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Tomás Mira 07/04/2003 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Afonso Soares 23/03/2003 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Bruno Santos 16/04/2003 Forward PORTUGAL
Daniel Semedo 05/05/2003 Forward PORTUGAL
Dário Miranda 13/01/2003 Forward PORTUGAL
David Quenda 30/06/2004 Forward GUINÉ-BISSAU
Francisco Dias 26/11/2003 Forward PORTUGAL
Guilherme Pio 22/09/2003 Forward PORTUGAL
João Tomé 12/02/2003 Forward PORTUGAL
Juan Gomez 21/02/2003 Forward COLOMBIA
Luís Semedo 11/08/2003 Forward PORTUGAL
Martim Ferreira 04/10/2003 Forward PORTUGAL
Miguel Pinto 08/08/2003 Forward PORTUGAL
Rafael Rocha 12/01/2003 Forward PORTUGAL
Rodrigo Pereira 07/03/2003 Forward PORTUGAL
Tiago Morais 03/09/2003 Forward PORTUGAL
Umaro Candé 28/12/2004 Forward GUINÉ-BISSAU

Coaching Staff

Luís Nascimento

Assistant Coach
André Matos, Vítor Couto, Tiago Paiva, Alexandre Graça

Goalkeeper Coach
Hugo Ribeiro

Vítor Padinha, Diogo Filipe Cardoso

André Pinto

Monitoring and Analysis
Rúben Soares, Rodrigo Pereira, Rui Reis

Medical Staff
Pedro Magro, Pedro Diniz, Diana Ferreira

Kit Man
Hugo Zambujo

Team Managers
Manuel Gomes

Team Director
João Santos

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