U17 A 2017/2018

Name Date of birth Position Country
Dário Caetano 18/09/2001 Goalkeeper PORTUGAL
João Monteiro 07/05/2001 Goalkeeper PORTUGAL
Afonso Simão 05/04/2001 Defender PORTUGAL
Alexandre Penetra 09/09/2001 Defender PORTUGAL
Daniel Martins 30/05/2001 Defender PORTUGAL
Francisco Saldanha 19/03/2001 Defender PORTUGAL
João Ferreira 22/03/2001 Defender PORTUGAL
Jorge Xavier 19/05/2001 Defender PORTUGAL
Rafael Brito 19/01/2002 Defender PORTUGAL
Ricardo Cardoso 23/09/2001 Defender PORTUGAL
Sandro Cruz 12/05/2001 Defender PORTUGAL
Tomás Tavares 07/03/2001 Defender PORTUGAL
Bernardo Silva 31/05/2001 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Gonçalo Ramos 20/06/2001 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Henrique Jocu 09/09/2001 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Joel Silva 12/02/2001 Midfielder PORTUGAL
José Gata 24/02/2001 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Nuno Cunha 11/01/2001 Midfielder PORTUGAL
Sérgio Andrade 29/01/2001 Midfielder PORTUGAL
David Brazão 01/11/2001 Forward PORTUGAL
Gonçalo Gomes 05/03/2001 Forward PORTUGAL
Gonçalo Oliveira 28/02/2001 Forward PORTUGAL
Hugo Nunes 15/03/2001 Forward PORTUGAL
Iuri Tavares 08/03/2001 Forward PORTUGAL
Jair Tavares 13/02/2001 Forward PORTUGAL
Ronaldo Camará 05/01/2003 Forward PORTUGAL
Tiago Araújo 27/03/2001 Forward PORTUGAL
Tiago Gouveia 18/06/2001 Forward PORTUGAL

Coaching Staff

Renato Paiva

Assistant Coach
Fernando Chalana, Luís Martins, João Faria Rodrigues

Goalkeeper Coach
Ricardo Leite

André Silvério, David André Pacheco

António Loio

Monitoring and Analysis
Nuno Cardoso, João Peixeiro, Rodrigo Fernandes

Medical Staff
Pedro Magro, Pedro Diniz, Diana Ferreira

Kit Man
Pedro Marques

Team Managers
Luís Candeias

Team Director
João Santos

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