Benfica Campus

The 22nd of September 2006 will forever remain in the memory of Benfica’s fans as the official inauguration date of the Club's Training Center and Youth Academy.

With a privileged location in Seixal, the Benfica Campus has been connected to the football’s growth in the last years. It hosts, not only the first team in its multiple working sessions through the season, but all the football teams, being the home several young players and managers.

Designed by the architects Pedro George and Isabel Pessoa, it tries to conciliate the comfort of a house with the functionality and flexibility of a working place.

Technical areas, like the gym, recovering rooms, massages, swimming pool and other areas dedicated to studying time and leisure are also a part of this modern complex.

This facility is also valued by the integration of an administrative services building, a professional football department and youth academy and another one exclusive for the Press professionals who follow the club.

Benfica Campus has been gradually growing since its inauguration, being considered as “Academia do Ano”, in December 2015.


Benfica Campus
Quinta da Trindade
2840-600 Seixal - Portugal
(+351) 21 710 80 70

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