Father’s Day

Father’s Day has arrived and we’re going to help you creating the perfect present. Create a champion-like pennant for the best father in the world – yours!


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Necessary materials: scissors, glue, coloured pencils/pens, a thin stick or a straw, and strand of cotton


1. Cut the pennant

2. Paint both sides (front and back)

3. Bend the dotted line backward

4. Place the stick or straw inside the fold

5. Glue the fold to attach the stick or straw inside

6. Tie the ends of the strand to the ends of the stick

7. For a more creative effect, decorate the pennant with buttons, wool and other decorative materials that you may have at home

Tip: If you don't have a printer, you can transfer it by hand by placing a paper on your monitor and drawing it on the sheet.

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