A sports star, a white-headed eagle or a majestic black panther…

You can turn into anything you want!

Black Panther

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Eagle Vitória

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Cosme Damião

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Necessary materials: scissors, glue, coloured pencils/pens, elastic strand or a thin stick, magazine/newspaper cuttings, and other decorative materials such as buttons, cotton strands, wools, etc.


1. Cut off the mask.

2. Crop the space for the eyes.

3. Colour the mask with the pencils or pens.

4. Decorate it with clippings from magazines and newspapers and other decorative materials you have at home, such as buttons, wools or fabrics.

5. Make small hole in each side of the mask, in the area close to your ears (do not make them too close to the margins to prevent the mask from tearing).

6. Insert the tip of the elastic strand into one of the holes and tie a knot in order to fasten it on the mask. With the other end of the elastic, repeat the process on the other hole.

7. As an alternative to the elastic strand, you can put a stick (or a straw) with glue on the back of the mask (bottom or side) to hold it in front of your face.

8. Have fun playing the character! How would Cosme Damião talk? How do animals behave like a white eagle or a black panther? With the help of older family members, you can do an internet search to discover their characteristics and try to copy them.

Suggestion: The masks will be better if you print them on a high-grammage paper, but if you don’t have it, don’t go out to buy materials! You can simply print on standard paper and glue another sheet behind.

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