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ontem e hoje


Presenting the contrast between the early times of Benfica and what the Club became. On one side the first testimonies of Benfica’s identity. On the other, the real dimension of this institution displaying its sporting, social and patrimonial features.

All the sports, all the age groups: last season’s trophies are all here. This is today’s Benfica! Yet, the Club possesses also many other titles. Such as the Club with the most affiliates in the whole world! That one and other awards help shape the strongest traits of the Club’s identity. By contrast, yesterday’s Benfica. Unique documents illustrate the difficulties of the beginnings, a parade of memories from our pioneers. Among them, the trophy offered by Bernardino Costa – the collection’s ex libris which documents the Club’s popularity since 1911. This ancient capacity to attract finds a modern correspondent in our social commitment, led by Benfica Foundation.

jóias do ecletismo

Area 2. ECLECTIC JEWELS – Sports international trophies and heroes

Here are displayed the symbols of 19 international victories of several sporting categories, side by side with some of the most famous athletes from different sports whose feats have enriched the history of the Club and the history of the national sport..

Following the pioneer conquest – the rugby Iberian Cup, 1971 – new international trophies have been achieved. But it wasn’t just the sport that uses the oval-shaped ball that reached an international dimension. Athletics, rink-hockey, basketball and futsal have also met success at the highest levels. These conquests have been the zenith of a glorious path and portrayed by top-heroes. Throughout the years some of the greatest athletes of all times have represented Benfica in several sports. They are true eclectic jewels and this is the place where we make a tribute to their names and their memories.

orgulho eclético

Area 3. PROUDLY ECLECTIC – The sections’ official titles

More than five hundred trophies are displayed in a structure that goes through all the three floors of the Museum. These are symbols of great national conquests, by all of Benfica sports.

Football has been played since the first day, on 28th February 1904, but the Club has soon embraced the practice of many other sports. In many of them, the Club has reached a status worth remembering and that became part of the national and international sports history. Their successive victories are the foundations of an ever-growing building which turned all Benfica supporters and the Portuguese people proud of. From cycling to futsal, from the oldest to the most recent sport, a true “dream ark” was built! To see, feel and gaze upon!

momentos únicos

Area 4. UNIQUE MOMENTS – Eclectic achievements

An interactive table allows our visitors to discover some of the greatest moments of Benfica eclectic triumphs. There are 96 videos available recorded between 1912 and 2013, displaying 24 different sports.

A tribute to the memory of those unique, magical moments that entitled their authors to be described with the same adjectives. The shot in the last second of the match which offered the basketball team one more title, the try needed for the rugby team to get to the triumph, the billiard ace’s unbelievable shot, the hockey player’s devilish slalom and phenomenal goal, the victory in the Tour, Zé Maria style, Leitão’s Olympic achievement... Straight off from the memory chest, you’ll find here the most stunning feats! One hundred unparalleled memories! A hymn to sports and Benfica’s eclecticism!

a taça

Area 5. THE “CUP” – Portuguese Championship / Portuguese Cup

The 28 trophies conquered by the Club in the competition that it’s known as the “Queen” in the national football history are exhibited in this area. Overall Benfica won 3 Portuguese Championships and 25 Portuguese Cups.

When the first round-robin system competition (the 1st League Championship) was introduced in 1934/35, the ancient Portuguese Championship had its days numbered. Having started in 1921/22 as a round-robin type of event, it would be renamed Portuguese Cup in 1938/39. The concept remained much the same, but the competition proved successful and established itself as a one of a kind event in the national panorama. It would soon earn the nickname “football celebration”, and Benfica have the most victories! A fantastic opportunity to check out all the trophies and find the stories behind “Glorioso”’s great achievements.

campeões sempre

Area 6. FOREVER CHAMPIONS – The National Championship

This area is dedicated to the National Championship victories. All the trophies conquered in the most important Portuguese football competition are here.

After having accomplished their first National Championship title in 1936, Benfica have forged a brilliant course in the most important competition, currently standing as the record-holders for the most titles conquered. All alike, but still very different. The first trophy, the first double, the one of the “Latin” season, the one of the “European” year, the one in which Sporting got their payback served, the one with more than one-hundred goals scored, the one without defeats, the last one in the old Estádio da Luz), and many, many others. Each one unique and memorable, all of them a part of a singular parade which can bring you to tears or put a smile on your face, and make you want to say: “Forever Champions”!

formar a ganhar

Area 7. TRAINED TO WIN – Formative football

This is the area were the display cases exhibit the trophies of Sport Lisboa e Benfica youth teams (Under-19/17/15/13) from official national competitions.

Artur Santos, Humberto Coelho, Nené, Shéu, and Rui Costa are only some of the “poppies” which have grown here! Ever since their first National Under-19 title in 1943/44, Benfica have written an amazing history in the youngster classes. This old tradition of a “trained to win” mentality led to innumerable trophy victories across the years in all age groups. It is that motto which inspires a whole Club whose ultimate natural ambition is never stop growing. “Trained to win”: to feel and get acquainted with the amazing feats of Benfica’s youths.

outras conquistas

Area 8. OTHER CONQUESTS – Tournaments and other events

This area displays nine distinct objects which form a vast set of trophies the Club conquered in tournaments and other private events.

Side by side with the most well-known Portuguese competitions there is an extensive record of rare and friendly, though historic, events, and of majestic and unrepeatable trophies: here is the excuse to be introduced to exclusive memories and attain the diversity of our collection. Nine “pearls” are shown in “Other Conquests” displaying all kinds of events: from festive celebrations to a derby match celebration, from premiers at our opponents’ stadiums to the title of the club with the best goal average, from tributes to the press to pre-season tournaments. All of them glorious, unique, and unrepeatable!

honrar a cidade

Area 9. HONOURING THE CITY – Lisbon Championship and Lisbon Honour Cup

Through its history Benfica competed in the major official regional football competitions in Portugal: the Lisbon Championship and the Honour Cup. Its trophies are exhibited in this area.

Lisbon Championship was launched in 1906/07 as the first official competition to be held in Portugal, attended by the most important teams of those days. Benfica, solely constituted by Portuguese players, soon became a symbol of the City and of the Nation, as they faced other teams such as Carcavellos that included English players. It was the beginning for “Glorioso”. In 1914, Lisbon Football Association added the Honour Cup to its competitive calendar. It was a different concept, but both events (which have long been discontinued) retain unforgettable memories of the “capital emblem”.

tributo ao mestre

Area 10. A TRIBUTE TO THE “MASTER” – “Cândido de Oliveira” Super Cup

This area is devoted to the victories the Club achieved in Cândido de Oliveira Super Cup.

Opposing the National Championship and the Portuguese Cup winners, the Super Cup is held yearly since 1979. The first editions were unofficial, but now the competition is under the Portuguese Football Federation since 1981, the same year it was given its name, “Cândido de Oliveira”. A name which honours this great Portuguese football figure (a Benfica player from 1914/15 to 1919/20), and also a great sports commentator, long since referred to as the “Master”.

semear tradição

Area 11. PLANTING TRADITION – The League Cup

Here you will encounter the trophies Benfica conquered in the youngest football competition in the country: the League Cup.

Created in 2007/08 by the Portuguese Professional Football League, the League Cup has come a long way towards capturing the public’s attention and gaining importance in the national competitive scenery. The rules of the competition have been improved and the trophy itself has been worked on to enhance its desirability and relevance. Similarly to what happened at some period with the Lisbon Championship, the Portuguese Cup and the National Championship, Benfica’s relentless winning streaks are planting the seed of tradition, celebrating the present and aiming to the future.

honrar o país

Area 12. HONOURING THE COUNTRY – International triumphs

The Latin Cup and two European Champions Clubs’ Cups are the ex-libris of this area. However you can also discover a vast set of international trophies Benfica conquered in official and private events.

Winning the Latin Cup in 1950 – the first great international trophy to be won by a Portuguese team – was Benfica’s first step in a trail that would have its culmination in the following decade when they would reach Europe’s highest peak. The conquest of the European titles of 1961 and 1962 would concede Benfica and Portugal international fame and admiration. Albeit, this centennial institution’s international glory does not end here. It is a bigger flag, a flag first waved in 1913 with the triumph in the first tournament to feature a foreign club. A narrative written in gold has been in the making ever since. “Honouring the Country” is a revival of its finest chapters.

viagem ao coração benfiquista


An area dedicated to all of Benfica fans. Accessing an elevating platform and a video wall, our visitors will have an extraordinary audiovisual experience to free the true Benfica supporter within.

No matter their origin, upbringing or age, Benfica supporters are the Club’s foundation, its driving force! To uncover this grand machine of emotions is a unique challenge. It is a test for our senses, beginning under a surprising scenario. Sent from all over the world and at any time numerous faces are flashing on display: famous or anonymous, all these people unite under one motto: “E Pluribus Unum”. This is the true beginning of the journey, through your eyes and straight to your heart, with an arrival which compares to a moon landing, a unique realisation. From this day on the emotion of one scored goal will never be the same!

kisboa e benfica


This area had the collaboration of Olisiponenses Studies Office and it establishes a parallel between important events in the history of Benfica and in the history of Lisbon. You can also discover objects that represent each decade.

The capital of the country, which witnessed the birth of Benfica long before the Club has taken this very name, gave Sport its first surname. The mother-city’s name was speaking louder then. Born in Belém, Sport Lisboa was the pioneer name that spread among the “alfacinhas”, until the lack of a field of their own suggested another location. Along came Benfica that on 12th September 1908 celebrated a perpetual union with the acronym born in Belém. The father’s name was in. Since then, Lisbon and Benfica have never driven apart and the history of that union is still being written today as a diary, with their future wide open.

a caminho do tempo


Through multiple items, this area allows our visitors to discover several events that marked Benfica, Lisbon, Portugal and the world’s history.

What was Lisbon like in 1910 when the already popular “Glorioso” celebrated their first regional championship? What was Portugal like in 1936, the year Benfica became national champions for the first time? What was Europe awakening to in 1961, the day José Águas showed the world the greatest smile in the history of the Club? Day after day, year after year: Benfica, Lisbon, Portugal and the world in a voyage through time. It is time to revisit the facts and figures of old days. A journey through history under an unimagined scenario. A thrilling experience of emotion and knowledge!

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