Cultural Heritage

Ever since its foundation in 1904 Sport Lisboa e Benfica has produced and reunited a large heritage collection predominantly made up of: the trophies of the several competitions competed in different sports within the Club; offers of other clubs and institutions; and members, former athletes and directors’ donations.

Aware that the preservation of its cultural and heritage collection also indicates the preservation of the Club’s true identity, it was decided to create the Cultural Heritage Direction whose mission is to preserve, valorize and communicate this heritage through its conservation, research, interpretation and communication, as well as through other educational and cultural programmes.

Benfica Museum – Cosme Damião is par excellence the communication tool of the Club’s cultural collection, and the project’s most prominent part. However the mission and goals of the Cultural Heritage Direction can only be possible with the combined efforts of its five composing areas: the Storage, Conservation and Restoration Department, the Documentation and Information Centre, the Curatorship, the Production Department and the Mediation and Educational Services.
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