The Stories of History

Themed guided tour

Since 1904, the history of Sport Lisboa e Benfica includes victories, adventures, achievements, and glory. The remarkable achievements that will never be erased from history would be nothing but mindless events without the unique episodes, the peculiar moments, the legends, and the myths. Did you know that the first football of the Club was bought second hand? Or that a mysterious woman named Ruth would change Benfica’s history forever? Discover these and many other stories that history will always remember.

Themes addressed: Curiosities, myths, legends, and lesser-known episodes of the history of Sport Lisboa e Benfica.
  Estimated lenght 1 hour and 30 minutes
  Number of participants Maximum10
  Price Variable (contact us for more information)
  Booking Required and subjected to availability
More information and booking or +351 21 721 95 90 (working days from 10h to 18h).

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