Information for Supporters with Reduced Mobility

It is our goal to ensure that there are no barriers to the use of the Sport Lisboa e Benfica Stadium by fans with reduced mobility. The Stadium was designed with independence in mind and our intention is to provide easily accessible information about the Stadium.


The access to the Sport Lisboa e Benfica Stadium has no barriers, steps, and ramps over 1:20 in height. Wheelchair users enter the venue through adapted turnstiles located at 12 stadium gates: 2 in the Mais Vantagens Stand (North), 4 in the Emirates Stand (West), 4 in the BTV Stand (East) and 2 in the Sagres Stand (South).

The Sport Lisboa e Benfica Stadium has a total of 72 seats for wheelchair users with an adjacent seat for the respective companion (platforms for Persons with Reduced Mobility – PRM). The seats are in Floor 0, at the top of each stand.

  • › Mais Vantagens Stand (North), 12 seats: Gate 25 (sector 24) and Gate 26 (sector 26);
  • › BTV Stand (East), 24 seats: Gate 17 (sectors 15 and 16) and Porta 19 (sectors 18 and 19);
  • › Emirates Stand (West), 24 seats: Gate 4 (sectors 02 and 03) and Gate 32 (sectors 31 and 32);
  • › Sagres Stand (South), 12 seats: Gate 10 (sector 08) and Gate 11 (sector 10).

All the seats in the Stadium are available for visually impaired supporters to give them the possibility of freely choosing their seats close to their family and friends.
However, we intend to provide them with a specific area on Floor 0, next to the platforms for Reduced Mobility Supporters with easy access for cases where they are accompanied by guide dogs.

Guide dogs will be authorized by prior agreement between the Supporter and SL Benfica. To provide enough space and comfort for the guide dogs, they will be placed exclusively in the wheelchair platform space on Floor 0 of each stand.

If a hearing-impaired supporter has specific needs regarding their seat to watch the game (a certain area, sector, or row) they can contact SL Benfica to discuss this possibility. The contact can also be made by an accompanying person. SL Benfica will make every effort to meet the requirements, subject to availability, and characteristics of the seats.

Supporters not included in the above categories will be able to purchase tickets for the remaining seats in the stadium as we want to make the best use of the space at our disposal.

If for any reason, any Supporter with non-visible disabilities has specific needs regarding their seat to watch the game (a certain area, sector, or row), they may contact SL Benfica to discuss that possibility.

Supporters with temporary mobility restrictions that may affect access to the stadium or their seat may contact SL Benfica in advance to be allowed to choose an alternative seat (subject to seat availability).

SL Benfica currently has 5 wheelchairs at the Benfica Museum Cosme Damião and 1 at the Public Relations Department. We intend to create a common space at Gate 18 where 3 wheelchairs will be available for matchdays and stadium tours.

This equipment will be available to provide easy and accompanied access to the seats located on Floor 0. These wheelchairs cannot be pre-booked, however, the Sports Facility Assistants are present at all entrances to the venue and can assist any supporter who needs specific support.

Such wheelchairs may not be used on PRM platforms as they must always be available for every eventuality and may not be booked for the entire event.

The specific WCs for Reduced Mobility Supporters are easily accessible and are distributed as follows:

  • ›  Floor 0 – 8 WCs
  • ›  Mais Vantagens Stand (North) – 2;
  • ›  BTV Stand (East) – 4;
  • ›  Emirates Stand (West) – 4;
  • ›  Sagres Stand (South) – 2.
You may require a Sports Facility Assistant to accompany you to a toilet to ensure its comfortable and safe use.

Supporters may arrive at SL Benfica Stadium in the following ways:


  • ›  Company: Carris
  • ›  About 50% of the fleet has seats for wheelchair users and an access ramp;
  • ›  Bus services equipped with these conditions that stop near the stadium: 703, 726, 729 (includes an audio guide) and 767;
  • ›  Carris also offers a service for people with mobility restrictions and their accompanying persons, in the Lisbon region, in a door-to-door system.
  • ›  This service is available 7 days a week and has capacity for 5 wheelchairs and 5 accompanying persons;
  • ›  For more information, please check the company website (

  • ›  The Lisbon Underground stations are equipped with wide turnstiles for wheelchairs. However, some of the stations are not yet equipped with lifts and escalators.
  • ›  To reach the Sport Lisboa e Benfica Stadium, the supporters can use two stations: Colégio Militar/Luz and Alto dos Moinhos. Unfortunately, these stations are not equipped with elevators and escalators.

  • ›  Taxi companies offer solutions for wheelchair users;
  • ›  Please visit the following website for more information:

  • ›  Please check the above parking information.

At SL Benfica football matches, supporters with reduced mobility in wheelchairs pay the equivalent price of an individual ticket and are offered a companion ticket. Prices are set depending on the policy defined for each match. Wheelchair users who are Members of SL Benfica can also purchase a season ticket for the available platforms located on Floor 0 or a ticket for an individual match at a lower price than that charged to other Supporters. When purchasing the ticket, the Member with reduced mobility and/or his/her companion will have to present a proof of disability (disabled card or proof from the Medical Team). SL Benfica reserves the right to request the document at any time.

PRM tickets are only available at the Stadium Ticket Offices: At events where SL Benfica has no control over seat availability, the pricing policy will be determined by the event promoter.

To improve the matchday experience for all Supporters, SL Benfica requests that everyone respect the use of the platforms for Persons with Reduced Mobility without obstructing their visibility to the pitch.


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