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Máscara vermelha estrelas SLB

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SLB red mask with stars

Community Mask, Level 2 - Covid19. Certificate number 13313C /2020 issued by CITEVE (Technological Center of the Textile and Clothing Industries of Portugal). Textile masks intended for use by individuals in the context of their professional activity or for authorized outings in periods of confinement, especially in indoor spaces with multiple persons. Instructions for use: This mask should be used as a complement to the recommended measures of use, protection, and hygiene and the rules of social distancing, fundamental for the control of COVID-19. For further information, visit https://covid19.min-saude.pt. The reusable mask should be handled correctly. The following are recommended instructions for the correct use of the mask, in accordance with the DGS Guideline No. 019/2020 of 03/04/2020: 1) Hygiene your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based solution before putting on the mask; 2) Put on the mask with the inner side against the face, and the outer side facing out; 3) Adjust the rigid end of the mask to the nose, covering the mouth, nose, and chin with the mask, ensuring that there are no spaces between the face and the mask; 4) You should not touch the mask while it is in use; if this happens, the hands should be sanitized immediately; 5) It is recommended that each mask be worn for a maximum of 4 hours per day and that the mask be replaced by a new one at the end of that period or as soon as it is wet. The mask removed should be washed before reuse; 6) If you accidentally get your mask wet, you should replace it with a dry one as soon as possible. The wet mask should be washed before reuse; 7) Removal of the mask should be done from the back (not touching the front of the mask), holding the ties or rubber bands; 8) At no time should the mask be kept around the neck to be reused; 9) The mask shall be placed individually in a sealed plastic bag until it is placed in the washing machine; 10) You should re-wash your hands after using and handling of the mask. The mask should be washed before further use and should meet the number of wash cycles specified by the manufacturer. Mask protection is only guaranteed if the following cleaning and care instructions are observed. The mask should be stored in a dry environment and protected from potential contamination (initially or after washing). The mask should be washed before its first use. In case of defect or damage do not use the mask, replace it with another. At the end of the mask's life cycle, the mask should be washed under the conditions defined in the section "Preservation and cleaning" and after washing it should be discarded as non-hazardous textile waste. If you choose not to wash the mask you should discard it as biological waste.

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