Season 2018/19

Guarantee your place

liga nos
Champions league
portuguese cup
league cup
ledman ligapro
Floor 0 and 3
Right to purchase (2)

From €99 ou €75*
* Woman, young and senior

Floor 0 and 3 (1)
Except Finals


From €99 ou €75*
* Woman, young and senior

Floor 0, 1 and 2
Except Finals


From €189

  • (1) In matches in which the Floor 3 of the Stadium is closed, the holders of Red Pass Total with seat in this Floor should make the change of seat without any additional costs.
  • (2) Includes the 3rd preliminary round of the Champions League
  • - Offer of membership registration in the purchase of Red Pass

Payment of instalments

Exclusive for members who have subscribed the Redpass with instalments.


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