The Clube de Golfe of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, founded in 2008, was created to provide the best conditions in the learning process and in the golf practicing, for the members and supporters of the club.

The registration can be solicited by Members or Supporters of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, under the written conditions on chapters “Member Registration” and “Admission Conditions”. The FPG’s license, may have an extra cost, in case of a handicap managed by the club.

To provide the best conditions to its members, the Clube de Golfe of Sport Lisboa e Benfica has established a partnership agreement with many entities, from fields to teachers and other entities connected to golf, with a constant dynamic, in order to adequate the club to natural growing conditions.

The members of Clube de Golfe of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, will be able to dispute the annual Order of Merit and other tournaments, non-attributable, with specific conditions for each one, benefiting, even, from all the existing or to be implemented advantages.

We are already one of the biggest clubs without a field, with a philosophy of a balanced and sustained growth, where the participation of our members and partners has been the most important factor towards the sporting and social evolution.

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