All the information about Escolas de Futebol (Football Schools)

All of our managers, in addition to their academic qualification, have a large experience and high standards of training knowledge and youth development. Moreover, they all have to go through an intern formation process which qualifies them to teach under the teaching strategies and methods of Escolas Geração Benfica.

Press (Here) to get the registration form. However, the registration in a Escola de Futebol Geração Benfica must be always completed in person, so you should go to the nearest Escola de Futebol Geração Benfica facilities. Press below to find find the nearest school. The registration form must be printed on the front and rear side. Its filling must be in capital letters. The gray gaps should not be completed.

At the school’s secretary of your residence area. You should bring the following documents:

  • 1 picture;
  • ID card;
  • Health Insurance card;
  • Membership card;
  • Fiscal card.

The schedule may change in accordance with the School. To find the nearest school please send us an e-mail asking for all the information.

Press HERE to find out which is my residence area nearest school..

Yes. In Cape Vert, Angola, Spain, Guinea and China.

The prices are adapted to the place where the school is integrated, that is why you should consult the school secretary or send an e-mail asking for the information.

The decision to cancel the training session is always taken right before it. The training session normally occurs, unless the field is in bad conditions. However, the 3 to 5 year old athletes should be protected and there is no training session for them.

Yes. Benfica provides programs adapted to school interruptions, for young people who want to spend their leisure time. The holiday camps last for a week and are a subject to change in accordance with the school schedule.

The holiday camp allows young people to learn how to play football, in accordance with an original and innovative training program, incorporated by high level managers, defining quality standards, training knowledge and the kids development, always inside a funny atmosphere where the kids, more than the game knowledge, learn the Benfica’s social and human values.

Young peolple, boys and girls, from 3 to 16 years old.

Contact the coordinator of the schools - Geração Benfica - Miguel Reis, by telephone +351 917230996 - or e-mail: mreis@slbenfica.pt, by sending your name, phone contact, and transmitting the district and location where you intend to settle the Escola de Futebol.

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