Benfica Seguros

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Benfica Seguros in now stronger, with the support of one of the biggest brokers of the market, the Grupo SABSEG.

This partnership allows us to potentiate the supply capacity to all members and supporters of Sport Lisboa e Benfica, increasing, significally, the service level, the access to the best conditions and insurances, with the most competitive prices in the market.

With an evident bet in the service, with competitive prices, the SL Benfica’s members and supporters can, now, ask, at Benfica Seguros shop, for Car, Home and Health insurances and other plans of protection, either personal or professional. And to make it easier to access to Benfica Seguros and to improve the service, there is a phone line available for all the insurances contracted on-line (+351 707 999 101), with the possibility to simulate your personal insurances on-line.

To have your insurances in Benfica Seguros is to be even more “Benfiquista”.

Call now +351 707 999 101

Bring us your insurance and challenge Benfica Seguros to find you a more competitive solution in the market.
To have your insurances in Benfica Seguros is to be even more “Benfiquista”.

We are waiting for you.
Benfica Seguros,

Estádio do Sport Lisboa e Benfica, Loja do Sócio (Member’s shop)
Tel.: +351 21 721 95 06
Fax: +351 21 721 95 15
Benfica Seguros is a Sport Lisboa e Benfica’s trademark, with a protocol in the insurance procedure with Sport Lisboa e Benfica – Mediação de Seguros Lda., registerd in ISP – Instituto de Seguros de Portugal, November 28th, 2008, with an insurance agent category, under No 4082754/3, NIPC 508707404, and with SABSEG T – Corretores de Seguros, S.A., registered in ISP – Instituto de Seguros de Portugal, January 7th, 2007, with an insurance broker category, under No 607257005, NIPC 503 447 940, both with the permission to Vida and Não Vida branches, checkable in

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