Benfica Credit Card

Benfica wins… you too!

The Benfica Card is a card for members and supporters which rewards each time the team scores. Earn a maximum of 2€ by goal, scored by Benfica in Liga NOS, in accordance with your card’s invoicing amount.

Returning amount by each goal in Liga NOS

Monthly invoicing 150€ - 400€ 401€ - 650€ 651€ - 1000€ >= 1000€
Benfica Member Card and Benfica Member Gold Card (Membership) 0,50€ 1,00€ 1,50€ 2,00€
Benfica Card – Supporters 0,40€ 0,75€ 1,00€ 1,50€

Consult to get the details of this card’s advantages and conditions.

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