Sports Schools

Come and learn to play with the “big ones”.

The SL Benfica, as the most relevant sporting institution in the country, assumes the implementation of a national pioneer project, related with 5 indoor sports: Handball, Basketball, Futsal (Five-a-side), Roller Hockey and Volleyball.

The SL Benfica Sports School invests in quality, training and procedures, by introducing the club’s adopted sporting model with the supervision and technical coordination of the formation responsible men, which provides the program contents quality, at each school.

Sports Training and “Initiating champions”

We promote the sporting training and the connection between the club, schools (academies) and local communities in order to define the difference and develop champions, all around the country, in their favourite sport and always with the eagle on the chest. Decentralizing the quality available sporting activities and encouraging the Benfica’s ethical/sporting code, we provide to each kid, no matter where he lives, the possibility of being a Benfica’s school athlete.

The benefits of physical and sporting targeted activities are known by everybody. We provide the best experience to our athletes, identifying them as unique and as a part of group, by using sporting and pedagogical practices, suitable to every age or gender, assuring their parents expectations and providing an harmonious development.
Benfica, through its “Escola de Modalidades”, will be the greatest sporting training entity, by introducing a global model and equal for every school, with the aim to standardize and promote them into the “UNIVERSO BENFICA”.

Local goals

We are looking for, with strategic local partnerships and with the Casas do Benfica support, the perfect areas to develop each sport, by using local human resources (whenever it is possible) and with SL Benfica’s training departments, helping each school to reach their goals.

How can I get further information?

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