Adolfo Vieira de Brito

26/03/1964 - 08/05/1965
03/07/1967 - 12/04/1969

Two European Champion Clubs Cup finals

There was a time of great accomplishments, a mandate that has turned even bigger an already glorious club.
During his first management the pavilion was inaugurated, situated inside the stadium, and the Football team played the fourth European Champions Cup in five years, against Inter... at Milan. A 1-0 final lost, with the defender Germano, at minute 57, as an improvised goalkeeper and the team playing with ten players. In the second management, the Football team was, in 1968 and for the fifth time in eight years, in an European final, lost, in London, against the English champion, at the extra-time. He was “Sócio Benemérito” (1959) and “Águia de Ouro” (1965).

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