Dr. Alberto Lima

09/07/1911 – 31/03/1912
05/12/1912 – 29/08/1915

Great achievements and unique conquers

A management with Dr. Alberto Lima as a president for the first time, after interim elections promoted by the Club’s board.
Had an eight months’ mandate, becoming a vice-president after that. He returned to the presidency within a management where the headquarter was being inaugurated, at Baixa (Rua Garret), initiating gymnastics (1913); He founded the club’s first newspaper “O Sport Lisboa”; Inaugurated the Sete Rios field, where swimming and tennis were initiating too. The football had its first “tri” in the Regional de Lisboa (1912, 1913 and 1914), with the virtue of winning in the four categories in 1914, with Cosme Damião, center midfielder and 1st category captain, as a football manager and administrator.

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