António Catarino Duarte

08/05/1965 – 17/06/1966

The return of Béla Guttmann

A mandate characterized by the wrong decision of the twice European Champion manager coming back (1961 and 1962).
The return of the twice European Champion (1961 and 1962) was the biggest decision. Elected on the 8th of May 1965, he only took possession on the 31st of May, in order to allow the previous administration to finish their job, with two things done: The pavilion inauguration (May 15) and the European final (May 27). In 1965/66, the sports results were far from the expected, although the investment, it was reflected in the counts, impairing the financial stability. Arising from a Benfica’s dedicated supporter’s family, from Alpiarça, who had given a lot to the club, he was a “Sócio Benemérito”, in 1966.

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