Dr. Augusto da Fonseca Júnior

01/08/1939 - 18/01/1945

President of the three Social Organs

A bunch of excellent board directors gave some brilliance to the work initiated by the former administrators.
Doctor, former footballer, was the president of the Assembly between 1935 and 1939. The beginning of the administration was difficult, by consequence of the Amoreiras’s expropriation and the Campo Grande’s stands works. With no field of play or training sessions, the football was living a troubled season, with the finances getting very low. But, the Campo Grande would be inaugurated in 1941. The Football team, in 1942 and 1943 was national bi-champion and the members number raised from 4.805 (in 1940) to 12.453 (in 1944). In 1942, the first “O Benfica” newspaper came out. In 1951/52 he became the supervisory board president, becoming the only one to lead the three organs.

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