Bento Mântua

22/07/1917 - 25/08/1926

Brilliance, longevity and a stadium

A management defined by the extraordinary President, Bento Mântua, who was elected for eight mandates.
He came to the presidency in a difficult time, taking care of all debts. Playwright, meritorious (developing the roller skating, the roller hockey and field hockey, as well as the rugby), he had a good management. In 1917, the Football’s debut was at the back of the club’s headquarters, as the Sete Rios’s land owner was asking for an unbearable income. In 1925, the Amoreiras field was inaugurated, club’s property (finally after 21 renting years in different city places), with the member’s enthusiasm, who were more than one thousand by 1921 and more than three thousand four years later.

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