Duarte António Borges Coutinho

12/04/1969 – 26/05/1977

Diplomacy and Sportsmanship

The remarkable Borges Coutinho’s management was an icon in the Sports Intervention, because he knew how to predict the future.
Affable, persuasive and diplomat personality, in addition to the importance he had in the Portuguese sports management, he knew how to get concordance, validate business proposals and obtain an unit among the people and their sensibilities. The football hegemony was consolidated during those years: seven national titles (1972/73 - No goals conceded) and three Portuguese Cups. In 1969, all the soils around the stadium became a Benfica’s possession, in order to create three football fields (with two grass fields), a synthetic athletic track and eight tennis courts. Was “Águia de Ouro” (1973).

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