Félix Bermudes

15/07/1916 – 7/10/1916
18/01/1945 – 19/01/1946

A pionner always at the club’s service

A short but intense mandate, 83 days which have changed, forever, the Benfica’s social profile.
Consecrated writer, he was an eclectic sportsman, at football (since 1905), athletics (first athlete), shot gunning sport and fencing. In 1908, was a “Sócio Benemérito”. Was elected, in 1916, to a mandate which purpose was taking care of Desportos de Benfica integration, giving to the club a magnificent headquarter, in Benfica, a football field, a roller skating rink, tennis courts and a shot gunning career. He came back to the presidency in 1945, almost 30 years later. In 1944/45, football became national champion and the headquarter was bought, after a renting period, since 1916.

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