Dr. Januário Barreto

18/12/1906 – 13/09/1908

Prestigious man looking for solutions

Dr. Janúario Barreto was elected to offer a “social dimension”, a prestigious man inside the Lisbon society, keeping the previous executives of the first board.
In 1906, the Sport Lisboa was standing out, being considered, by the press, as the best Portuguese footballers group. But there were facilities missing. By the moment of the first board election, on the 22nd of November 1906, the three Administrative Commission members remained, with Janúario Barreto being elected as president - appreciated in sports world, renowned and familiar with the football rules, referee and a doctor. During his management, the club has won the first two trophies, in the Inter-Clubes do Internacional (CIF) tournament, 2nd and 3rd categories.

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