João Vale e Azevedo

31/10/1997 - 27/10/2000

Troubled, inadequate and mindless time

A mandate characterized by many controversy, with few accomplishments before the elections high expectations.
A management which led the club to one of the most troubled periods of its History. Without any football title, the opportunity given to José Mourinho, who had his appearance as a football manager in Benfica, comes out as a positive moment (September 2000), and David Plaza’s individual and collective triumph in Volta a Portugal (Cycling - 1999). In 2000, he constituted the football SAD (PLC). With the end of his management, the judicial problems in which he was involved and condemned came out, some of them causing serious damage to the club. As a consequence, he was kicked out as member, on the 13th of May 2005, at the Assembly.

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