Joaquim Ferreira Bogalho

15/03/1952 – 30/03/1957

The “Stadium man”

There were five high level years, turning the club modernized and towards excellency.
“Águia de Ouro” since 1938, he came to the presidency with a goal: to build the stadium. The works started on the 14th of June 1953 and it was inaugurated on the 1st of December 1954, with two “rings” (stands all around the field) and 35 thousand seats. On that “Stadium Saga”, he put the supporters together, to get it viable. He won, twice, the Championship and the Portuguese Cup at the same season. The members number almost duplicated, between 1951 (16.534) and 1956 (36.839). By the time of the golden weeding (1954), with the manager Otto Glória, he had professionalized the Football, hired excellent footballers and created the “Lar do Jogador” (Nursing home).

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