José Rosa Rodrigues

28/02/1904 – 22/11/1906

Founder, president and footballer

He will be forever connected to the “Glorioso” foundation, as well as to its organization and development, taking the first steps with security and sustainability, towards the greatness we all know, and even recognized by our opponents.
The elder brother among the three founders, was chosen by the 24 founders gathered in the 28th of February 1904, in a dependence of Farmácia Franco, in Belém, in order to take the lead of the three board directors Administrative Commission who were leading the Grupo Sport Lisboa’s first years (after 1908, Sport Lisboa e Benfica). Was a part of the football team which has played the one called as the Sport Lisboa’s first match, against the Grupo do Campo de Ourique, on the 1st of January 1905 (W 1-0), at Campo das Terras do Desembargador, Salésias, in Belém.

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