Júlio Ribeiro da Costa

31/07/1938 - 01/08/1939

A remarkable and eloquent orator

A mandate where Ribeiro da Costa stood out, former orator with an extreme dedication to his favourite club - An example to all of us.
Captain of the Army, former footballer, was the Assembly Vice-President between 1935 and 1938. Billiards (1938) and Volleyball (1939) were initiated. The way he, strongly, defended the club (he was a great orator) brought him troubles in the sporting hierarchy, intensified with the opposition of the important people in the politic organization. It led him to understand the incompatibility with the presidency. He would have other charges just like being the Assembly president in the next mandates. In 1986, he went to the member’s podium as number one and, in 1991, was “Águia de Ouro”.

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