Luís Carlos de Faria Leal

18/11/1906 – 15/09/1907

Eclectic, entrepreneur and organized

The Benfica’s board of directors were prestigious men inside the local society, practicing significant professions. Our 2nd president, major Faria Leal, was even the number one member.
The Grupo Sport Benfica was founded on the 26th of July 1906, in Benfica. The club was dedicated to Cycling and Athletics, owning a good field of play and an excellent board of directors. On the 12th of August 1906, he was designated as president and the charge was confirmed on the 18th of November 1906, at the Assembly. Was elected “Sócio Benemérito” (1909). The club’s eclectic nature, as well as its organization, have attracted lots of members, among them, the Grupo Sport Lisboa’s members, with Cosme Damião, the Sport Lisboa’s founder, who was the Grupo Sport Benfica’s number 81 member.

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