Maurício Vieira de Brito

30/03/1957 - 31/03/1962

Fundamental to the European victories

The “Benfiquista” Sports golden years (and Portuguese), the stadium appreciation and the conquer of the European championship.
He was the one who, probably, the more had financed the club, not only during his first management but also after his retirement. In Football, in 1961, we won the first European Champions Cup and in 1962 was crucial in the second. He hired the manager Béla Guttmann (1959) and Eusébio (1960). He became a national bi-champion (1960 and 1961). Was responsible for the stadium works: Illumination (1958) and the third “ring” first phase (1960, with 75 thousand seats), all changes financed by himself. He was elected “Sócio Benemérito” (1958) and “Águia de Ouro” (1960).

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