Vasco Rosa Ribeiro

20/08/1933 – 04/11/1936

Dreaming big - Stadium and Swimming Pool

Vasco Ribeiro’s election meant a deep changing in the President’s profile.
During his management a Portugal championship was won, in the first “Dérbi de Lisboa” final (V 2-1), with an attendance record in the country (30 thousand people), as well as the conquer of the I Liga second edition, becoming national champion for the first time. In 1934, the secretary in Rua Jardim do Regedor was rented, where the Sala das Taças (Museum) was born, with 350 trophies, something new in sports. In 1935, we overcame the 5 thousand members. They were dreaming about the Amoreiras transformation into a magnificent stadium, with a pool in the enclosure.

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