30 July 2020, 20h51

Here they are, the new Sport Lisboa e Benfica jerseys, the home jersey, under the inspiring motto "Ready for the comeback", has its debut scheduled for the final of the Portuguese Cup. "Ready for the Glory" is the theme of the away jersey.

Adidas and SL Benfica launched the two new jerseys of the Club, the home and the away jerseys for 2020/21, and they promise to surprise the fans. Under the motto "Ready for the comeback", in the home jersey, and "Ready for the glory", in the away jersey, the jerseys display a bold character due to the metallic colors included. Both are already on sale! 


On the day of the unveiling of the new jerseys, adidas also launches a video that aims not only to present these jerseys but also to honor the fans who, even far from the stadiums, represent the strength of the Club.

With the voice-over of the singer Carlão, the video portrays the symbolism and relevance of the new jersey: "At the stadium, anywhere. The rebirth of the eagle. Out of many, one"; "Put on your color. Red pride. Unique, always."



Photos: SL Benfica

Last update: Thursday, July 30, 2020

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