A business and networking platform for your company.

Match Day

Use or share your access cards to the Box, Executive Seats, and/or stand/hospitality tickets to enter the stadium and the parking lot. Also try the Food & Beverage Service and order Official Products.

Business and Networking Platform

Use the chat to contact over 400 Benfica Corporate Club members. Book your box for internal meetings or meetings with clients. Get customized products with the SL Benfica brand and create a different offer for your team, clients, and partners.

Corporate Universe News

Check the news about Benfica Corporate Club Events, exclusive content about the club, and results of the football.

Benfica Corporate Club APP

Step 1
Start the registration process on the Benfica Corporate Club App by selecting the CREATE ACCOUNT option.

Step 2
Complete your registration by entering your e-mail, creating a password, and adding your company and personal data.

Step 3
Finish your registration by accepting the terms and conditions.

Step 4
You have just registered on the Benfica Corporate Club App. To gain access you just have to wait for approval from our Corporate team, which will respond as soon as possible.

Step 1
After receiving the e-mail from our Corporate team confirming that your registration is already active, start the login process in the Benfica Corporate Club App by entering the e-mail and password with which you registered and selecting the LOGIN option.

Step 1
Navigate through the various accesses associated with your account to begin the sharing process.
Types of accesses: Corporate Cards (Private Boxes and Executive Seats), Parking, Stand Tickets, and Hospitality Tickets.

Step 2
Access the detail of each title by selecting one of the cards. Start the process by selecting the SHARE option.

Step 3
Available sharing methods: e-mail, SMS, and WhatsApp.

Step 4
Select from your contacts whom you want to invite or enter a contact manually using the "+" icon.

Step 5
Your access was shared successfully.



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