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18 April 2018, 16h35

Darlene de Souza Reguera is the seventh new signing of Sport Lisboa e Benfica's women's football team. The 28-year-old Brazilian international (January 11, 1990), born in São José do Rio Preto, São Paulo, joins the Eagles' squad that will compete in the Promotion National Championship in 2018/19.

The forward arrives at Luz after a season at Zaragoza, from Spain, and after years of success in Brasil playing for Rio Preto and Centro Olímpico.

In an interview with BTV, the athlete, who in the Summer moves to Lisbon, talked a little bit about herself and revealed what she expects, now with the Glorious jersey dressed.

“I always like football, but I did not play at a club. Then my parents created a women's football team that was where I started playing. My mother was the president and my father was the head coach but I had to work hard.”, told Darlene.

On the adaptation to Europe, the forward revealed how the opportunity came up and what are the expectations given the arrival to Portugal.

“Here it is a bit chilly, but with regard to the other things, I think it was smooth and I adjusted well. When I was in Brazil, I already had some proposals to leave the country, two from Spain. I had a friend that played here and she called me. Then I opted to come to Zaragoza, for the team it is and for the fact I knew someone in the dressing room”, she explained.

João Marques, her future coach, was one of the first persons that spoke with the player.

“When a received the phone call, he spoke a lot with me and gave me a great confidence, he explained me the situation and I did not think twice and I accepted the invitation”, she said, showing next some knowledge about Benfica.

It is a Club that just wants to win and this is one of the reasons why I wanted to go there here. I am a very competitive person and I was able to see that the coach also is”, she said.

And there is an example to follow at Luz: “I would like to score as many goals as Jonas and leave my mark in the history of the Club”, she revealed.

Being Benfica's women's football team a new project, the Brazilian player talks about responsibility, but the ambition is reigning.

“It is not every person that arrives at Benfica. If we are chosen to be there, we have a great pride in that. I am sure that we will do a good work and leave our brand. I am looking forward to starting”, revealed.

Darlene Souza is a Brazilian international, with gained experience and maturity.

“I have already attended several important competitions with the Brazil national team. It is everyone's dream to represent his country. If I am there, it is due to my work, and I hope that that may continue”, she stated.

The Brazilian international Darlene de Souza Reguera becomes the seventh player signed and made official by the Club, after the Brazilian Dani NeuhausDaiane Rodrigues and Ana Alice, the Portuguese Carlota Cristo and Jassie Vasconcelos, and the Cape Verdean Evy Pereira. The head coach, João Marques, was also formally presented at Estádio da Luz. 





Dani Neuhaus


24 years

Daiane Rodrigues


31 years

Carlota Cristo 


20 years

Jassie Vasconcelos


23 years

Evy Pereira


23 years

Ana Alice


29 years

Darlene de Souza 


28 years


Text: Sónia Antunes and João André Silva

Pics: SL Benfica

Last update: Wednesday, April 18, 2018

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