Roller Hockey

22 April 2019, 12h29

Portugal and Argentina, the two national teams that had Benfica players in their call-up, played the roller hockey Nations Cup final on Sunday evening. Portugal prevailed (5-3) and won the 68th edition of the trophy.

The Benfica player Miguel Vieira helped Portugal in their victories, contributing with two goals against Switzerland and one against Angola.

Argentina, on the other hand, counted on the Benfica players Carlos Nicolía and Lucas Ordoñez. Nicolía started every game and scored against Italy (2 goals), Montreux (1 goal) and France (3 goals). Lucas Ordoñez scored in every game (two against Italy, one against France and three against Angola) and he only did not start the game against Montreux, in which he scored three goals.

In the final of the competition, Nicolía and Ordoñez were starters, and the latter, despite the defeat, was one of the standout performers after scoring the three goals from Argentina's national squad.

Text: Márcia Dores

Pics: SL Benfica

Last update: Monday, April 22, 2019

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