09 October 2019, 18h11


In the 360s space, at Benfica Futebol Campus, one player, one cello and the "Ode to Joy" ("Ode an die Freude"), from Beethoven, started a different interview. Canal 11 spoke with Nuno Tavares and he revealed when and how music came into his life.

When questioned if his passion was for music as a whole or for the instrument, he said…

“I think it's for music because I started playing since I was little in the Casa Pia Band. I started playing bombardon, a metal instrument, and then I got an invitation to really get into the music. I was given three instruments to choose from: cello, viola and violin. chose the cello because it was bigger and harder to play.”, he shared.

Nuno Tavares

Nuno Tavares grew and both passions went hand in hand until a certain age.

“14, 15 years old. The club where I was sent a letter so I could leave school early. If the school allowed it, very well; if not, I had to play until 6:30 pm and would missed practice. It was approved, people understood and twice a week I would leave early to go to practice”, he explained.

Nuno Tavares

Meanwhile, Benfica opened the doors of football for him and then he had to make the hardest decision.

“When I saw they were putting trust in me… I was given a chance at Benfica… so I had to decide: whether grab the instrument or football. I chose football”, he stressed.

“I came to Caixa Futebol Campus [mow Benfica Futebol Campus] and I realized I had to take football more seriously. Even unintentionally, I had to leave music behind”, said Nuno Tavares.

Text: Marco Rebelo

Pics: Tânia Paulo / SL Benfica

Last update: Thursday, October 10, 2019

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