Thursday, April 23, 2020, 16h00

Marlene Sousa: "I miss the Benfiquista Family very much"

Women's Roller hockey

The captain of the Eagles' roller hockey team signs the News Benfica editorial this Thursday.

Marlene Sousa, the captain of the roller hockey team, shares with the Benfiquista Family that this is a time of adaptation and creativity.

"Sport provides lessons for life and it is also through it that I now face this difficult moment in a more positive way. With sport, I've learned to see the bright side in every situation. When we lose, we can learn from it and when we win, we can always improve. Still, life doesn't stop. It's a time of adaptation and creativity, but I'm not used to being at home for so long", confesses Marlene Sousa.

Hoquei em Patins

"As in sports, where every second count, I've taken the time to train and keep fit, I continue, as a university teacher, to plan and hold distance learning classes, I continue to keep in touch with those I like most through social networks,  I have also taken the opportunity to relive old times and enjoy another art that is music, with my parents, in the mini-studio that we have at home", described the hockey player.

Benfica-Manlleu Hoquei em Patins feminino

"Above all, I appeal to everyone's responsibility, follow the DGS's instructions strictly, do not take risks or put others at risk, and be sympathetic. And don't forget that nothing we have is guaranteed because, from one moment to the next, everything can change! Best wishes to all, especially to the Benfiquista Family, whom I miss a lot", she finished.

Text: Diogo Nascimento

Photos: Archive / SL Benfica

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